Keep on, keeping on

It’s a quote from an early noughties film, Joe Dirt which often pops up in my head if I’m in a bit of a grind. I might be stuck with a mathematical problem in work, cycling up a steep climb in a hefty headwind or pushing tens of metres of speedfit plumbing pipe through the floorboards of my recent house project.

In actual fact I think the Joe Dirt character is a fantastic role model, the theme of the film being Joe overcoming any obstacle that fell (or landed!) in his path in his own, albeit sometimes naïve, accepting way, taking life as it comes. As filmland predicts it’s a rosy outcome for Joe, but I like to take heart from this and remember that in life the majority of the time things really do work out for the best, even if it seems downright wrong at the time.

So yes, when I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a bit of a rut or feeling a bit blue, its Joe’s catchphrase that’s on my mind because sometimes you just have to get your head down, and get on with it.