Repeat after me: ambition, not resolution

2011 eh? Happy New Year!

The inevitable question; not once or twice but many times over as it forms the seasonal basis for making small talk amongst acquaintances bumping into each other on the street.

“So, any New Years resolutions?”

It makes a welcome change from the weather I guess.

Apologies that was a little cynical, but yes, the question has been posed to me, to which I had first declined. However by the time of my return to work on the 4th of January I had resolutely decided that 2011 will be about ambition. No resolutions, no quitting, slimming or less drinking. No “I could do that” this year, nor resignation to accepting things the way they are. To quote Nike – just do it.

Yes peeps, the mojo is back.

If you recall the August 2010 blog entry “Top of the hill?“, you’ll remember that I’ve been struggling a little with motivation and self-confidence. Well, I think I’m there. Ready to race, and ready to knock up some achievements. I’m ready to re-establish my identity (again I can’t recommend Mojo crisis by Marshall Goldsmith enough!). The months since that blog entry have not been in vain and the springboard that was a month of riding in New Zealand feels like a good platform on which to launch a 2011 attack and it looks like the other guys are keen to join me…

So now all we need to do is get the entries in. Oh and the Singlespeed Worlds is done, we are heading to Ireland.

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