Winter training. I’d rather tear an arm off.

“But then how the hell would I hold on to the damned bike?” I reason…

Sigh. Two weeks back and the UK weather has descended into cyclic chaos; hard frosts, 70mph gales and now monsoon downpours. The blazing blue skies of the North Island of New Zealand are now simply a fond-distant memory and so is the mountain biking. I find myself now second-guessing the mornings on which I could ride the roadbike to work without kissing the tarmac with my teeth, or testing whether the length of time getting ready for work in the morning is enough to also fill the van with MBK gear. So it’s out with the usual routine and in with the old Kona and a pair of heavy(ish), cross-purposes Michelins. Country rocks I think they are. Yes they’ll be a bit shit in the mud, but I usually find at around 10psi any tyre gives a bit more grip…

Anyway. A little gym work in the mornings and a pair of NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB lights* for riding out of work hours and we are away and in preparation for some intriguing winter series, choices so far:

  1. Brass Monkey
  2. Soggy Bottoms
  3.  Welsh XC

At the moment Soggy Bottoms is looking a favourite as I enjoy going back to Newnham Park, outside Plymouth (host site for the Bontrager 24/12) followed possibly by a round or two of the Welsh XC next year – it’s a bit more local!

In the meantime I should pull my finger out of my arse and organise a trip out to the Beacons…

* lightweight, 110 lumens LEDs – but don’t let the low lumens put you off I’ve had these for a year and if you’re on a budget they come highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “Winter training. I’d rather tear an arm off.

  1. I know you won’t.

    You’re a mad man.. I still remember you leaving work when it was about -4 with a pair of shorts and t shirt on saying you’d better race the quickly disappearing winter sun the 16 miles home as you didn’t have lights ;)

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