Monthly Archives: January 2012

Clean slate.

Happy New Year peeps! There’s a fresh page on the desk calendar, the evenings are starting to draw out already & there’s a new biking season creeping upon us.

Wow, where did the last year go. All the adventures, achievements & fun times with friends in the last 12 months are now fond, glowing memories. Whilst I’m chuffed with the fitness and personal results I achieved, I know from my focus on personal mojo over the last 18 months that they are just part of those glowing memories. There are new challenges out there to be had.

So it’s a clean slate. Nil – nil on the scoreboard and the pot is open for grabs.

My challenge for 2012? Well there is only one tattoo I shall want to grace my body with, and it lies in South Africa, SSWC 2012.