Monthly Archives: December 2011

Tough love.

Time is flying; the hands on the clocks keep spinning and winter is upon us again. Ignoring the sceptical October rumours, the snowy season is also creeping in with first reports of the white stuff terrorising areas of the country. The idea of cycling through some fresh crunchy powder sets off an excited little buzz in my brain after some fantastic winter riding last year.

It’s also been a two month struggle against my own fitness (or lack of), fighting off cold after cold – after all manner of vitamin supplements, chomping down on my own bodyweight in fresh fruit & veg and trying to clock up as many bonus hours of sleep as possible it is the latter that has proven most beneficial. The heady summer of training, competing & busy personal life had taken its toll so sod it, with the night’s drawing in I’ve taken on more of a life of a hibernating furry creature!

It’s working. The colds are passing quicker, physical strength is returning and most importantly, the mojo is rising – motivation is returning. My mind is turning to competition for 2012, and a winter of biking.

Don’t be put off by the icy touch of the morning, or the pitch black of the evening. Once you’ve braved the back door, warmed up sauntering to the first junction, hit the first rutted climb and eased yourself into the first quick down, at every turn you will be rewarded by a fresh sensation.

Slipping, sliding around, the grin factor goes through the roof. Drop a few PSI out of the tyres to gain a bit more purchase if you find the going a little too treacherous and keep the speed down until you get the feel of the bike sliding out from underneath you on the bends. Kick your leg out on the inside for a bit more confidence on the corners, and if the grip does let go you’ll be able to right yourself a bit easier!

The uber-quick, dusty trails of the summer may have gone, but there’s a whole new world to experience for the next four months, get out the warm gear and make the most of it!

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