Monthly Archives: August 2011

Focus man, Focus!

It’s been the theme for this week.

The Singlespeed World Champs is now a week away and there has been a lot to cram in this week, both in work and play. The focus on errr, focus, was actually sparked by a row with my girlfriend one morning earlier this week, just before I went out on a training ride.  It was also somewhat inspired by a post in the Metro I had read the day before, on how to prevent gym injuries; the crux of the article being around engaging with the muscle work you are doing rather than getting distracted and potentially doing yourself damage.

“What are you gibbering about?”

When necessary I use my training as a suitable outlet for tension & anger, both of which lay heavily over my head during that training ride this week. As I mulled over the incident of the morning I recalled the article mentioned above and contemplated that and the effect it was having on my ride – it was true, in mulling over the heated discussion I was paying little attention to my climbing technique, which  gear I was in or even the route in front of me. I engaged with my ride, and training re-commenced.

It’s a timely reminder; a year on from commencing the journey to re-ignite my mojo, focus is as important as ever. I’ve improved my riding & XC endurance competing and there’s been the launch of my own business. But it’s early days – I want to continue, I want to win races and I want my business to grow, and I realise that I need to focus more (or more often) to achieve any of this.

Focus and preventing injury (albeit sometimes metaphorical) applies to everything in life, if you are not engaged with what you are doing how can you ever achieve your goals, ambitions & desires?