Monthly Archives: May 2011

How rude!

“Miserable git…” – I’ve found myself muttering this quite a lot recently. My word, it annoys the hell out of me when I pass another cyclist and they don’t even lift their head to catch your eye!

Yes, I am a fiery character at best. Yes I have my Monday mornings. But jeez, we’re all human and inhabiting the same space. Let’s lighten up a bit!

I thought there was an adverse effect on “social passing” in the early period of the recent recession. It felt like dog-eat-dog out there on the streets, with a sour taste in the air. Yet even now I find myself muttering under my breath when a rider sails silently past or a dog walker simply turns their nose the other way, with a tight grasp on their hound as if it would rip my calves off. It can make or break a morning training ride (or run for that matter!).

Have you ever had a random pleasantry with a stranger?* It makes you smile doesn’t it… admit it.

Ok, ok – so practice what you preach, sort your own house out and all that equally righteous school of thought. So not one to allow myself to purposefully be a hypocrite, I am doing just that. I realised that for every mutter under the breath, I should make the effort regardless of the outcome. No matter who may pass me; trail rider, roadie, walker or even stoners out relishing the solitude of the woods, I make an audible effort to (at the very least!) leave a greeting on the breeze as I pass.  They probably think I’m an idiot, or maybe some self-righteous twat who loves everything in the world and all its peoples. Take it as they may, I think I’d rather leave a possible pleasant first impression with anyone, even a smile at the random holler, than plod by ignorant of any passers-by. Hell, I did enough shoe-gazing as a teenager, life’s too short and you never know when and how you might meet that person again – behind a bar, serving you in a shop, maybe even behind the desk that matters at an interview….

 * take that as you may. : )

Singlespeed Belgique, c’est fantastique!

This time last week myself and a group of friends wound our way across the water and a gloriously sunshine soaked France to Belgium and the Singlespeed European Championships, this year held in Maredsous, near Namur. A fantastic weekend was had, new aquaintances met and the beautiful countryside of Belgium was an extremely pleasant surprise.

I’ll be “borrowing” some of my friend Dave’s photographs from the weekend and the event shortly on the site…

A huge thanks to Bruno and his team for a fantastic event and we’re already looking forward to the trip to the South-West of France for 2012. Oh and quite possibly we’ll be taking a road trip on the singlespeeds to get there… watch this space… : D