Monthly Archives: April 2011

Like the seasons.

┬áThree months into the year and there has been a hell of a lot of change. Not just in my life but amongst my closest friends. New jobs, redundancies, kids, relationships…

My own situation? Well I’m now self-employed and a couple of weeks into this new era I’ve established a new morning ritual of 1 – 2 hours on a bike, mostly the singlespeed, riding the local roads and woodland trails. As ever, hours on the bike always gives way for plenty of reflection and imagination and the topic of thought? Change.

I find myself riding the same local trails and never get bored. I race motorbikes around circuits and I take enjoyment from each lap. I experience something new in every iteration; the change in grip, a different line, faster speed and ultimately the change in season. It would be the latter that provoked the reflection on change, having been particularly spoilt in the recent weeks by full days of glorious blue skies and rising temperatures. I love the change. But I’m not a summer junkie; no I can think over a year and recall fond memories of autumn leaves falling, hard frosts and the first snow. I find it all has its little place in my biker heart.

Change IS good. It might not always feel like it is for the best at the time and sometimes no immediate good might become of it (thinking of the current risings against dictator leadership in the east) but it is a factor in life whether we wish for it or not. It will happen. Having not read much literature around the subject, I like to think back on Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park explaining chaos theory, as a source of explanation to unforeseen change in my life.

However whilst it might not always seem like it is for the best, it is life refreshing itself, breaking the mould and shaking things up. It presents opportunity, at the very least an opportunity to re-look at your life and for some to awaken from what to others might seem like dormancy. It’s a kick up the arse.

That’s what gives me my kicks.