Monthly Archives: February 2011

All aboard the night train!

Life is manic at the moment. In the all too many weeks since my last blog I’ve turned 33, been made redundant from my current job and entered my first XC mountain bike race. The celebration, training and the toil as the job draws to a close are beginning to blur a little and I feel like I’m back in my late teens squeezing in as much clubbing around study as I could.

It’s not been the smoothest ride.

So, I’m sat mulling over stuff and I realised I hadn’t written for a while. That in turn got me thinking somewhat reflectively over recent events – this brought about further realisation that in all the hubub I hadn’t taken as much enjoyment or paid as much attention to events as I could have done. My belief is that that is a very important aspect in life – to enjoy everything you do. I’ve also been considering the impact this constant activity has had on my physical training. I’m certainly no professional athelete, nor am out to take any sport expceptionally seriously, but I enjoy feeling fit and there is a natural competitiveness that adds a little spice to sharing activities with friends. However essentially that impact has been that I’m feeling rather unfit and fairly physically and mentally tired.

So what to do?

Firstly: more sleep. Simple as that, I don’t think anyone can continue on less than the average recommended amount of sleep in a night. Yes that seems to be 8 hours…

Secondly: I am introducing a variety in my training activity, by introducing running to hopefully aid the cardio over a shorter period of time.

Finally: breathing space. Giving my brain a rest and time to take in everything and enjoy myself.

What do you think? Anything else that I could or should be introducing into my regime? …and by regime I mean day-to-day life, as regime itself implies a far more rigorous routine than I intend.

Then, maybe I’ll be in a better frame of mind for the 2nd round of the Welsh Mtb XC series in Builth Wells. And maybe it might be dry. Please?