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It’s all in your head.

It’s that simple.

We all know it, deep down. But everyone needs a little nudge to remind themselves of this from time to time. The last few days have been my nudge – or rather a heavy slap on the back.

With the emergence of the New Year I’ve already mentioned my re-vitalised mojo and ambition I have for (mountain biking) competing this year, and following that my fellow blogger Bedds gifted me a belated Christmas present in the form of Geoff Thompson  “Everything that happens to me is great”, a book of short insights, experiences and articles of advice communicated through Geoff Thompson*. Within four chapters there is such an observation stating the subject of this blog. Then, over the following few days my work place swiftly announced drastic and for some, upsetting major changes in the form of redundancy and the nature of the business. Not for the first time do I find myself contemplating how comfortable I’ve become in my current line of employment and that a such a  situation can never be guaranteed. Business is business and it can become ugly.

So, where did all this come from? As usual my training ride last night gave me food for thought and time to dwell on it – a 20 mile commute through the heaviest downpour and amount of standing water on the roads that I’ve contended with for some time. Over the duration of the ride it boiled down to this: me versus the rain. From which my mind pondered over the afore mentioned book, my race experiences over 2010 and my mindset there and then on a very dark, heavily flooded country lane between Ross-on-Wye and Hereford.

The nudge.

So what happens if I just say with all my belief “I can do it”?  Well I’m going to try it. A kind of “Yes Man” in my own head, answering the challenges I place in myself.

I can win an XC race? Ok, let’s do it.

On that note I’ll nip off now as I’m entering the arena of mojo self-help that I’ve been entertaining since last summer but my thoughts behind all this are going out for my friends who are finding things tough at the moment. We’re deep in tough times, but the wheels keep on turning and if you remain true to yourself and your values, good will always eek through in the end – keep at it, you’ll win through!

* My friends are all too aware of my mojo crisis over the last few months but have individually provided some fantastic views, advice and own experiences!

Repeat after me: ambition, not resolution

2011 eh? Happy New Year!

The inevitable question; not once or twice but many times over as it forms the seasonal basis for making small talk amongst acquaintances bumping into each other on the street.

“So, any New Years resolutions?”

It makes a welcome change from the weather I guess.

Apologies that was a little cynical, but yes, the question has been posed to me, to which I had first declined. However by the time of my return to work on the 4th of January I had resolutely decided that 2011 will be about ambition. No resolutions, no quitting, slimming or less drinking. No “I could do that” this year, nor resignation to accepting things the way they are. To quote Nike – just do it.

Yes peeps, the mojo is back.

If you recall the August 2010 blog entry “Top of the hill?“, you’ll remember that I’ve been struggling a little with motivation and self-confidence. Well, I think I’m there. Ready to race, and ready to knock up some achievements. I’m ready to re-establish my identity (again I can’t recommend Mojo crisis by Marshall Goldsmith enough!). The months since that blog entry have not been in vain and the springboard that was a month of riding in New Zealand feels like a good platform on which to launch a 2011 attack and it looks like the other guys are keen to join me…

So now all we need to do is get the entries in. Oh and the Singlespeed Worlds is done, we are heading to Ireland.