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Minus ten (toes if I’m not careful)

It’s a glorious wintry morning. I’ll confess that I’m feeling rather gutted at having not been able to ride the 25 mile commute this morning, worsened by the sight of the beautiful white landscape as I descended from the Malvern hills – there’s just not enough time to suck it all in when you’re behind the wheel of a car.

On the otherhand, it was probably a wise decision given that the outside temperature the toasty car was reporting was 10 degrees below and the winter riding kit I had ordered hadn’t arrived just yet.  Yes, normally you would find me sporting shorts an’ all in most weathers, but maybe it’s hanging around with all these sensible riders (or more likely the fact that after a while I can’t feel my toes whilst riding in the recent drop in temperature) that I’ve invested in some essentials.  Waterproof and windproof overboots from CRC, full-length DHB Roubaix bib tights and some damned good Bridgedale merino socks courtesy of Wiggle. It all turned up this morning, with the usual speedy free delivery from both Wiggle and CRC, so give me a couple of weeks commute and I’ll give you a verdict on what difference it’s made.

…and I am itching to get out there, gone is the summer of self-doubt; bring on the christmas hols, and a whole lot of fun trail-riding.

If you didn’t spot it on the FKK twitter feed, and your finding yourself out riding alot on the roads at the mo’ check out this useful winter riding sanity check from

A change is as good as a rest

A little over a week ago I took delivery of my first road bike since I was 15, a Focus Variado Compact, on (a considerable) offer from Wiggle . Ok given the financial times this was a little bit of an extravagant treat and the battered old ’97 GT with road-ish tyres would have carrid on like a tank, but I convinced myself that this was going to make the 18 mile commute even more fun and a damn sight quicker. So the deed was done and I can’t fault Wiggle for the delivery turnaround and bike set-up, and after my first 36 miles on the bike I’m pretty chuffed…

Just one thing. It rattles.

What the hell?   Yup, after being quite perplexed on my ride home last night by this slight annoyance and checking every last bolt and fixing, I arrived at work this morning somewhat bemused, still in debate as to what else could be causes the infernal racket. Then as I lent the new lass against my van, there it was – the sound of a bolt rolling around… a bolt in the frame?

So lunchtime will find me in the car park, seatpost out, new bike aloft being shaken within an inch of it’s life as I try to extract the offending article.

Blimey it’s quick though.